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Production company Howki Media

Welcome to media production company Howki Media. We design and implement digital marketing communications products for businesses and communities, such as videos and photos on web pages, social media, and television. You will also receive high quality and clear texts for the internet and the media.

Designing and producing high-quality content is always customer-oriented. We offer you a team with over 30 years of experience in content production on television, radio and online. When you have a need to convey information or tell a story, we will help you.

Communicating essential and useful information is the cornerstone of our operations and products. Our goal is that our product not only looks appealing, but that its content is always appropriate and relevant to the target audience.

Semi-editorial product of Howki Media

Are you interested in broadcasting news and programs from Finland? We can offer you an easy and low cost solution. It is out own invention and it is called a semi-editorial product. The video can be published as it is, or the material can be edited or used as a part of larger content.

 When you wish to show videos from Finland, we would be happy to cooperate with You. You make an order of the subject and we describe it. We shoot video material and make related interviews. We process the material as ready-to-broadcast video files(which also are editable), with separate files of short stories and interviews. Your part of the deal is to use the material as You wish.

Don't hesitate to contact us when you want high-quality videos from exotic arctic Finland.


Howki Media provides high quality, customer-driven videos for a wide range of needs. We design and implement advertising, marketing and news videos, recruiting videos and business videos.

We provide you to work with experienced professionals for producing content and video production. We handle descriptions with solid experience smoothly on schedule.

When you have the need to convey information or tell a story, we can help you. We design the content and production of the video with you. We want to create useful and talkative content that is relevant to viewers.

We deliver the finished video product to your business in the format you want, and it's ready to be used and shared. 

Hauki Media contacts

Kati Jurkko

producer, scriptwriter

+358 400 783623 

Antti Pylväs 

video producer, director

+358 50 5877899



Hauki Media

Oulu, Finland

@haukimedia ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

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